Obstal Stretch Spandex Table Cover



  • Easy Care & Reusable
  • Protective & decorative
  • Stretchy Elastic Material

A Vendor’s Friend: the Stretch Spandex Table Cover

Vendor markets demand practicality and aesthetics, and this Obstal Stretch Spandex Table Cover delivers both. We are sure you have noticed our vivid pink tables at our vendor stalls. This table cover is designed to elevate your vendor booth and make your market experience smoother. It will help your vendor setup look sharp and professional.

The reasons why we like this tablecloth

Stretch Elastic Material: The high-quality spandex fabric is not only extra stretchy but also sturdy, ensuring a snug fit on all sorts of folding tables. There are many different sizes and color variations. This perfect fit creates a polished and professional look for your booth.

Protective & Decorative: These stretch tablecloth covers are more than just a visual enhancement; they’re functional, too. They are stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor markets. They shield your tables from dirt, dust, and scratches while adding a burst of color or texture to your booth’s design.

Elastic Leg Pockets: One standout feature of this table cover is the four sewn-in elastic leg pockets. They secure and conceal table legs, ensuring a uniform and tidy appearance. It makes it easy to store extra items as well as act as extra vendor storage while still looking professional. Your booth will look sleek and well-coordinated from every angle. 

Easy Care & Reusable: Market life can get messy, but cleaning up doesn’t have to be. These table covers are machine washable with cold water (no bleach) and can be line-dried. Their durability ensures they’ll be a reliable part of your market setup for multiple events.

In Conclusion, this Obstal Stretch Spandex Table Cover is a must-have for vendors looking to enhance their booth’s aesthetics while also providing practical protection for their tables. Its durability, ease of use, and positive customer feedback make it a top choice for vendor markets. Invest in this table cover, and watch it elevate your market experience to a new level of convenience and style.


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